Our Values


Above all, we strive to worship God with our lives, plans and possessions so that in all things He might be glorified and in everything be preeminent. (Colossians 1:8; Romans 11:36)  As a community of believers, we seek to foster this by focusing on five primary areas of ministry:  1.) Faithfully proclaiming the truth of God’s Word;  2.) Training ourselves to be dedicated, equipped and mature followers of Jesus Christ;  3.) Forming strong viable relationships within our church family for mutual love, encouragement, support and accountability; and  4.) Being witnesses in our own lives, and 5.) sending and supporting missionaries to proclaim God’s gracious gift of salvation by grace alone, though faith alone in Christ alone for God’s glory alone to the Nations.   In all that we think, say and do, we desire to worship Him in Spirit and Truth, individually and corporately, with every area of our lives as Creator, Redeemer and King.



We desire to faithfully and accurately proclaim the Word of God through the systematic, expositional Bible teaching by humble, devoted servants of the Lord.  Communicating God’s eternal, infallible Word will be exalted to the supreme position of priority, as it is proclaimed as the standard for daily living and the key to understanding God’s will for our lives.  We desire that God be glorified as His Word is clearly and creatively communicated, understood and obeyed; and as His people learn to independently study His Word and begin to propagate God’s Truth within their families and communities. (Matthew 4:4John 14:212 Timothy 3:16-17James 1:221 Peter 2:1-32 Peter 1:20-21)



We desire that our members become firmly established in the Word of Truth, and to the fullest measure, equipped and effective laboring disciples, walking in the Spirit through obedience to God’s Word.  We also desire that our members become habitual and fervent communicators with the Lord, who seek His will in their lives and strive through prayer to accomplish His will for His Glory.  Because of His faithfulness and for His Glory alone, we desire God to enable us to develop Christ-centered families, humbly led by devoted servant-leaders.  We desire God to make our homes into models of fruitfulness and holiness, in which our children and youth are intentionally trained through biblical instruction and godly mentoring. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7John 15:49-15Romans 12:1-2Galatians 5:162 Peter 1:5-8)



We desire that our members established strong, biblical relationships for mutual encouragement, love, support and accountability. We desire God to manifest Himself through these relationships, where members use their understanding of His Word, their mutual devotion to and ever-deepening relationship with Him, as well as their spiritual gifts and physical resources to demonstrate God’s glory to the world through the love and holiness of biblical fellowship. (Proverbs 27:17Acts 2:42-47Romans 12:3-101 Corinthians 12:14261 Thessalonians 5:111 Timothy 3: 15Hebrews 10:24-251 John 4:11)



We desire to live out the gospel in our individual lives, our families, and as the body of Christ in our community, workplaces and play places, that we might be bold and effective witnesses to the Truth of salvation in Christ to our neighbors and coworkers. (Mark 4:1-23Acts 1:8Romans 10:13-15)



We desire God to develop His heart for missions in the souls of our members.  We desire that God glorify himself in our midst by enabling us to send out missionaries and missions resources to the most unreached sectors of the earth, so that the Name of Christ is worshiped by people from every language, tribe and nation. We desire to see people groups with no access to the gospel become worshipers of the Lord and to be brought into fellowship with their Creator who has redeemed and called them according to His purposes before the beginning of time. (Psalm 22:27; Matthew 28:19-20; John 3:16-17; John 14:6; 1 Timothy 2:3-4; Titus 3:3; Revelation 7:9-10)